Thursday, October 27, 2011

Metal Summit 5

Plutonian Shore / Spectral Manifest / Mhinotahn
Live Sound Exchange October 15th.

Although this was a free gig, it definitely would not have been criminal to charge an admission fee. From beginning to end, I really must say this was a powerful line-up of bands. The gig had a great atmosphere of people who truly appreciated underground music.

To start the night off was Mhinotahn. I feel the set went really well and heard the same from individuals in the crowd. So I will leave it at that.

Spectral Manifest piled their gear up next and defecated out a brutal wall of sound. This band is known for a heavy live presence, but now with a bass player added, their outcry is now amplified. All the familiar songs from their live catalogue were played with the addition of a new number. Assuming this is what we have in store from the upcoming full length, I think a treat is on the way. Saturated with their signature old style death metal approach, the new song had some blast beats thrown in for good measure. Overall a great set, but then again this is always what I expect when going to a Spectral gig. I have yet to be disappointed.

Lastly was San Antonio’s black metal horde, Plutonian Shore.

This is a band I have been familiar with and really like their recorded work. However this was my first time seeing them in the live setting. To say the least, I was extremely impressed. They possessed a confident, professional approach while unleashing a blizzard of intense songs. Their performance exuded sheer brutality but still maintained the great atmospheric feel of their recordings. Keyboards and corpse paint were in full effect. I confidently say they pull off the black metal mystique brilliantly. Before the gig I was a fan, afterwards that notion was strengthened significantly. I really do look forward to more gigs with this group.

As for photo credits, I stole the Plutonian Shore images from the Dread Lair page. For whatever reason, the ones I took did not turn out so well.