Friday, May 29, 2015

PRIONS - Austin City D-Beat Punkers on the Move!

Interview with Ram Puga
First off, I must say your band name is great. Whether or not a fan knows the name is taken from a disease, it is still an interesting, catchy moniker for the band. What’s the story behind it?
I stumbled across it in an article about a funerary cannibalistic tribe in Papua New Guinea, called The Fore. It mentioned the children and elders related to the deceased had become infected by a miss-folded protein called Prion. The Prion was in the raw human brains they consumed rapidly spreading the Kuru disease and nearly wiping out the tribe. Researched the name a little further and realized it was perfect for us.

Your band has been around for a while. When is the actual origin date?
The concept of Prions was born Summer 2012, the band became whole with Caleb our singer joining January 2013.

Prions is most definitely a D-Beat punk band, but the guitar riffs have a little different flavor than lots in the genre. They are punk rock, but I hear small influences of New Wave of British Heavy Metal and also a slight tint of Bathory. With that being said, I can estimate that the band has a wealth of different influences. Can you elaborate on that?
Guilty. Haha Joe and I have a punk background where Erik and Caleb are more metal driven. We all like punk and we all like metal and as a band we like and feed off from Wolfbrigade, Black Sabbath, Sepultura, Converge, Disfear, and Slayer to name a few.

So far I see you have two EP releases: 2014 Demos and The Infected. Both have nice, clean recordings that still maintain the brutality. Where both recorded in the same studio? Can you share any interesting stories from the recording sessions?
Funny you ask kind of, same engineer different studios. The Infected was recorded at Test Tube Audio and the 2014 Demos was recorded at Orb Recording Studio both in Austin by Kevin Butler.

You also play drums in the cool Oi/Punk band Concrete. Do you find it difficult juggling duties between the two? While on the topic of Concrete, what does the future hold for that band?
Yeah, thanks man I appreciate the support! Thankfully not difficult just yet, fingers crossed. haha We have a Midwest/Northeast tour coming in mid August, we have half of our full length written, and some really cool splits with some killer bands. Go to for further details.

Being from such a music conscious city as Austin, do you feel it has helped you get more gigs and to spread your name around?
I can't say that it helps get gigs. As friendly and inviting as the Austin scenes are it's competitive just like any other sport. There are so many great bands that have came, gone, remain, and are formed each day it's finding the moment to get your foot in the door. Thus that friendly competition spits out amazing bands fighting for that opening spot for the National touring band.

What I love about Austin is that the people there truly do still appreciate music. Your city has great record stores and every time I go to them, they are always full of people. Why do you think the people there have continued the appeal for buying records and not just getting crappy downloads?
I am probably one of those people. Haha I will admit I do have anywhere near as many as a true collector would, not even close but I do spend quite some time at my local store year round. I have seen it increase the last couple years which is great, but like everything else it'll fadeout for the trendy ones as they move along to the next exploitation leaving the rest of us to reap the benefits. I think it is all due to the fact there have been and are a lot of great bands in Austin, along with the genuine knowledge of the different subcultures and genres of music, most of the staff at these record stores have is what makes the it that much better experience.

So what is next? Are there plans for a full length?
We have a few things in the works, other slowly in progress. There is a cassette split we are doing with our friends from Macedonia called Disease, raw d-beat punk out possibly this Summer. We also have a 7" split with a fellow Texas band called Bomb Hoarder which we just recorded some new tracks for couple months ago. We do not have a release date for this and it will we all done D.I.Y. Couple of other splits in the works, a possible 7", and then definitely start working on a full length album.

What final words do you have?

Our next gig is July 11 at The Lost Well in Austin with Hard Charger from Canada and Deadly Reign and So Unloved. Come out if you're in the area and tell your friends, if not checkout the bands if you've never heard of them because you're missing out, then infect your friends. Spread the infection.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

CHIPPED TEETH – Bleeding Out Demo/Coward single Review


Bleeding Out Demo cover art
Coward cover art            Although both of these releases are from 2014, they are so good that they need another look. Back when originally downloading Bleeding Out I was impressed with the release. With the first view of the painful looking cover image, I knew it had to be heavy and gritty.
            Bleeding Out has a dark sound, definitely not happy tunes. The music paints a picture in the listener’s mind of complete despair and rage. The guitar tone is dirty and I like it. The vocals are delivered in a raspy-painful manner. Overall there are quite a few metal and doomy sludge elements, but the band maintains a strong hardcore foundation. Of the four tracks, Jaded is probably my favorite. Beginning with a gnarled bass solo, the track pounds right into a roller coaster of driving rock speed and pure doom.
            As for the Coward single, the band continued in keeping the quality strong for 2014. For me, the artwork for a release is always important. Even if it is just a download single, the artwork says a lot. It tells a story of how much the band really cares about how their music is perceived by others. With Chipped Teeth, they do care. The cover appearance of the dead bird coupled with the desolate background blues really sets the tone.
            Coward opens with a charging guitar that leads a charge so heavy that I was expecting to hear a death metal growl shrill out. The track is well played but still maintains its legitimate underground persona. I can definitely envision someone having the complete shit beaten out of them while Coward plays in the background.
            With these two releases, along with the Low Demo, the band is creating a formidable discography. I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SAINT CRUSHER Interview - New D-Beat Post Apocalyptic Noise Mongers!

Saint Crusher is a new band, but not new to the music scene. Can you give the readers some insight of your history and what bands all of you have been involved with?
As far as the bands we have all been involved with, Eric was the drummer in Wrath of Beowulf, Stephen did vocals for Skurge with Harry a while back in their younger years, and was also in Warhounds as the original vocalist. Amanda did vocals for Rotten Waters. Harry has played bass and done backup vocals in numerous bands over the last few years such as Skurge, Red//River, GALL, Bomraw (vocals only), Rotten Waters, and is still currently the bassist in Warhounds. Saint Crusher came about because we have all been friends and thought it would be a good idea to have fun and play some music.

With all of you being in your 30s, how does the current punk/hc scene compare to your early years?
Wow, this is a really difficult question for us. All of us came from specific areas within the Houston scene. Back then the Houston scene was divided into many different families, and it used to be much less acceptable to stray from your specific family/genre of music. Within the last few years as the scene grew mentally and physically, we found each other and grew together as friends. Now that the Houston scene is much more diverse and accepting, all of our influences are more easily able to be meshed together creating a sound we find unique to Houston and the GCHC family.

So far you only have two promising instrumental tracks online. When do you plan on doing some recordings with vocals? Also, do you have any releases planned?
Full band recordings are planned for mid-summer, and look for a release probably around late summer to early autumn. If time allows, some raw recordings with vocals will be placed on our Facebook and Bandcamp periodically.

Your first show was part of a mini-weekend tour. How was that experience and when can we expect to see you hit the stage again?
We had a blast on our mini-weekend tour! The crowds were extremely receptive. We met a lot of new awesome people and had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some great bands such as Clit Eastwood, Prions, ASS, DDA, Satanabis, Bomb Hoarders and of course the killer Khobretti! Our next show will be on July 1st with Sex Pill and The Pose in Houston. The rest of the information on that show is T.B.A. We also have a show coming up on July 12th with Hard Charger from Canada and Thunder Tank in Houston at The Shop.

To me it seems that Houston is having a bit of a breakout in great local music. In all the genres, thrash, hardcore, punk, metal, all have great bands here in the Bayou City. What do you think has created this sensation?
GCHC has all grown up with each other, for the most part, for what seems like many years. Most of us have been in different bands together over the years and have been fortunate enough to feed off of each other to build and create the mixture of sound and talent that we have now. Old friends go and new people join, ever diversifying the sound of GCHC! OUGH!!! DRINK BEERS AND BLEED EARS!!! Love, Saint Crusher

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


     Dress Code is a band that has been pretty active on the live scene, but unfortunately I have not had the privilege of seeing them live. From what I’ve seen on videos, they seem to be an entertaining live act. Also I have heard great feedback about them from peers.
What initially drew me to them is their band name. I like names that make the listener think. That tells me the band has some real creativity, which also should lead to some great music. With Dress Code that statement is true.
Their sound ranges from blistering speed to mid tempo punk rock. I must add that the songs never pass the 2 minute mark. Actually many of their songs are just under a minute. I definitely get an early DC punk vibe mixed with early British hardcore similar to Intense Degree. Once the music explodes in a rapid fashion, the barking vocals aggressively jump right into the flow. I love this kind of music; it is honest, fast and to the point. The production on this EP is better than their 2013 demo but I recommend both.
The rapid, raw music works hand in hand with the bleak black and white cover art. The image is simple but very effective. I love the whole package. To my knowledge, their material is available for digital download only, but they would make for a great 7”.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

THUG BOOTS – The Justice 7” Review

            Houston’s own Thug Boots is an Oi band that truly grasps the golden age of street rock. It’s all here, the catchy chorus lines, the signature guitar sound and that angry attitude. Although these days Oi music seems played out, however Thug Boots ignites that old feeling of yesteryear. I find them extremely refreshing.
            Released by Street Rock Records, The Justice is a quality product. The packaging is great with lyrics and a band photo. The cover is a simple photo of a statue but it works. I am sure they were going for an early 80s look, which was accomplished.
            The record opens with a firecracker in Steel Cap Thunder. I really dig the song’s chorus. From there it barrels on to 3 other great tracks, varying in topic but all pure boot wearing anthems. Any of these tracks would comfortably fit in the era of Moonstomp, Youth Defense League and The Anti-Heroes. Vocally I am reminded of Immoral Discipline, yet Thug Boots maintain their own identity. As with their demo, the band continues to spit out honest, to the point street rock and roll.
         Overall a recommended release that also comes with a download card. That way you can listen to it while driving and let it fuel your road rage. I am not sure what is next for this group, but I definitely look forward to see what they have planned.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

JUD JUD – The greatest hardcore band of ALL TIME!!

I remember when first buying a Jud Jud 7”. I saw the cover and figured it was another straight edge hardcore band. The name didn’t make sense until I listened to it. Pure ingenuity at its finest!!!