Thursday, March 2, 2017

HRA - Fuck the Weak Shit

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HRA has been around almost 10 years now. It seems that every 5 years the Houston music scene cycles in new people. How do you think the modern scene compares to shows of yesteryear?
I grew up going to shows at the Axiom, Vatican, etc so I've seen many shows. It's different nowadays for sure but not too different as some people may think. Not every show back then was packed as some may think. I went to plenty of shows with a minimal crowd in attendance. However there were many tour packages then that you don't really get now unless it's some big fest, which I don't care for fests. There are still some great shows these days. I don't try to compare times anymore. I book very few shows myself but when I do I try to make it a great time. That's how everyone should treat each show. A time to have fucking fun.
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Besides HRA having a long history, the members have an impressive lineage of past musical ventures. For those who don’t know, can you give a history lesson?
We all have played in many bands dating back to mid 80's. Robert has been in THE IDIOT SOCIETY, DARK REIGN, GOAT, HASBEEN, OATH OF CRUELTY, KRULLUR, and others I 'm sure I forgot. Ed has been in VERBAL ABUSE, HUMUNGUS, UYUS, VATOS LOCOS, plus more. Billy has been in HYPO-CHRISTIANS, CHOCOLATE CRUCIFIX. I, Francisco, have been in KAKA, HYPO-CHRISTIANS, SACRELIGIOUS TORMENT, THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR, and have filled in live for LETHAL AGGRESSION, MORBOSIDAD, OATH OF CRUELTY.

No automatic alt text available.You are recently returning from a year and a half break from playing live. What caused this absence?
Back in November 2014 we decided we were going to take a break for about 6 months since we all have very busy lives and responsibilities to take care of. Well, it turned into almost a 2 year break because of that reason. I still wrote lots of songs during that time period and would get together with Ed to arrange them. We just didn't play any shows. We have slowed down quite a bit even now but still are working on getting new stuff recorded plus a few shows a year.
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It is fantastic that you are keeping that speeding 80s hardcore spirit alive. Can you elaborate on your life long love for this style?
I started writing songs for HRA after I filled in on guitar for Robert's band Hasbeen back in 07. I wanted to write fast shit like HERESY, UPS, A.F., SEPTIC DEATH, S.N.O.T. and more fast 80's hardcore stuff and have Robert sing on it. I remember watching some Heresy live videos and got on my guitar and started writing. The drummer is what inspired me the most. Steve from Heresy fucking rules!! We have all always liked the old hardcore sounds since we were kids.
So far you have put out some really solid releases. Of your two LPs, which is your personal favorite? Also, do you have anything planned for the future?
I like both of our LPs honestly. It's fun playing songs from both albums live as well. We are working on releasing a 7 inch entitled VIOLENT TIMES. Faster and more intense. Most bands get slower as they get older. We are going for faster, shorter songs. FUCK THE WEAK SHIT!!

HRA has been on some great gig line-ups. Which are your most memorable?
We've played so many damn shows and have been lucky to play with some of our favorites such as Raw Power, Lethal Aggression, Social Decay, Final Conflict, Dr. Know, The Accused, DRI, Negative Approach, Wehrmacht, and many more I can't even remember right now.

Would you like to add anything?
Thanks for the interview. Our two LP's are still available from the label, Torture Garden, so go buy them if you like the fast hardcore. We don't play often anymore but if you want to see a band fucking shit up and giving 666% on stage then come out to see us.