Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brimwylf - Studio Report

Here is a short piece documenting Brimwylf's (formerly Iapetus) recent studio sessions. Also a preview of the bonus DVD that will be included with the first issue of the FERAL NOISE zine.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rites of Darkness

This past weekend, I took a journey to San Antonio for the Rites Of Darkness Fest. In the days leading up to the show, there were many cancellations and questions about the event. I am not sure of all the details regarding that and honestly don’t really care. My only concern was that the show actually took place. With all the drama aside, I must say it was a great time. Everything was handled professionally, the sound was perfect and all the bands present were great.
For me the highlight of the entire gig was Chicago’s Cianide. Seeing them live was quite special for me. Ever since hearing their debut Grindcore Records release, The Dying Truth, I have followed them. They finally came to Texas. After many years of waiting, I was not disappointed. They performed a variety of tracks taken from their respectable discography. Although it was a full set, I preferred they played another hour.

Midnight, one of my other favorites, played a great set. Actually I think they stole the show. Black Witchery also delivered during their stage time of spreading sickness. Houston luminaries PLF and Blaspherian brought the intensity to reinforce their already known reputations. All the bands were great, but I am not going to review everyone of them. Anyone who was there knows exactly what I am talking about.
A comical highlight was the actions of an extremely intoxicated Neanderthal man. Apparently, the guy had way too much to drink at the gig. Outside, as the rain poured down, he was on his hands and knees puking his brains out while the seat of his pants was completely saturated with gobs of shit. The amount of shit on his pants looked like enough to come from three people. I thought GG Allin was dead? Some concerned concert attendees tried to help the man to his feet, but his response was, “Get the fuck away from me bitch. Hail fucking Satan!” The drunken yeti clumsily jumped to his feet, took off running sideways as more vomit poured out of his mouth, then slammed into a concrete wall. Not sure who he was, but I definitely sympathize for him…but also thank him for providing the entertainment.
Of course there was a massive amount of vendors present. I picked up quite a few CDs, most were good choices. However there were a few disappointments. I used the old 80s approach in buying music, look for unknown releases with interesting covers. Unfortunately I got raped on a couple of them. But no big deal, I will just add them to my under the bed collection of shitty CDs.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Humut Tabal "Ode To Misanthropy - This I Swear" Promo Video

Finally after hours of editing, here is the Humut Tabal promo video for the song "Ode To Misanthropy - This I Swear." This is a preview of what to expect on the bonus DVD of the upcoming debut issue of FERAL NOISE. This song was taken off the Humut Tabal / Plutonian Shore split EP released by Dread Lair.

Feral Noise Issue #1 - Coming Feb. 2012!

The best toilet side reading material you will find. The digital media age is upon us, but the DIY printed zine format will never be dissolved. Feral Noise is an independent publication that focuses on all forms of extreme music: Black, Death, Grind and Noise.

This debut issue features: Bound in Flesh, Iapetus, Spectral Manifest, Plutonian Shore, Humut Tabal and more!
Also included will be a bonus DVD filled with promos, live footage and interviews.