Monday, February 6, 2017

FEELS LIKE MURDER - Hardcore Punk played with a bloody knife from the 80s.

What we have is a fairly new band filled with veteran musicians. What brought everyone
together for this group? If my memory is correct, this band originally was an offshoot of the Bloody Von Erichs.
Well our drummer Jake and guitarist Dutch both came from Bloody Von Erichs. But me and Jake we're in a band Shopping for Death years back . We got together first to begin a band that also would remind me of being 17. We wanted it to be reminiscent of bad brains, DRI, and yes even some Dischord in there. Basically what we grew up on and quite frankly wasn't hearing from many bands of recent. Rounded out the sound with bassist Edwin Carson who comes from his own hardcore roots in the Phillipines with a gnarly tone and our newest edition on 2nd guitar Chris LaForge of 30footFall lore and many others.

With an aggressive band name, are your lyrics inspired by your love of horror movies?
Yes my lyrics usually do reflect my love for horror movies, but not in a direct Misfits way. I just seem to write about killing, disease and shit that intrigues me. It's what a band would be if it was fronted by Ted Bundy.

You have a really great sound. I find your music reminiscent to early Dischord releases. Your show from last Halloween really brought back my memories of being a teenager. Give us your take on the FLM sound.
Our sound originally like I said was to be an old school early 80s hardcore feel. But we really don't think about it when writing, it's just what we're most influenced by, so naturally it comes out in the music. I mean, you're not gonna hear Stryper in our stuff.

You had a really cool, raw demo being circulated. Now I cannot find it online. Is it still available?
That demo was poorly done and not meant to be out there long, just a teaser. It's not available anymore but believe me, when you hear our record we've been working on, you'll forget about that demo.

We’ve been seeing studio video reports being posted online. How’s the recording coming along?  What can we expect?
Recording for the record is going great, all the music is finished. I go in on Feb 18th to do vocals, so it won't be much longer til we have it out. You can expect the Meatmen mixed with Fugazi mixed with SNFU mixed with etc etc'll be fun!

Last words.
Last words...."We're just getting started. "

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