Friday, June 17, 2016

JESSICA GARCIA - Band Photographer, Sound Engineer, Renaissance Lady...

First off, how long have you been shooting pictures? Also what initially attracted you to this art form?
I got into I got into photography by accident, it started when I would go to the shows I would always take pictures of my friend's bands. They took notice and said hey start taking pictures. What attracted me to this was music. I love music and the local scene. Growing up I had all my favorite band pictures and posters on the wall. That's were I get all my ideas.

Are you self taught or did you have any schooling?
I'm completely self-taught. Looking at other people's great work, reading books and going to the shows gives me all the ideas. I'm originally an audio engineer so I kind of took what I've learned in the studio and applied it to my photography

A great photograph tells a story, but what do you look for in an image?
What I look for in an image would be the art form and catching the moment at the shows. It's the people, the bands and the crowd is what I like capturing, you know having a great time. I love black and white photography also that's my favorite.

What kind of camera and lens do you use?
My camera that I use is an Nikon d3200 and my favorite lens are 35mm, 50mm, and Rokinon 8mm fisheye. Fisheye is what I love to shoot in.

Are their any photographers who influence you?
I don't have all the names of my favorite photographers but my favorite era of photography is the 90's. I grew up with viny records and cassettes. When I was a kid I would stare at the pictures on the album covers. All the band's photo shoots were in different places. That's where I would get all my ideas at. Also over the years my friends have been a big influence in my photography. They’re always supportive.

In looking over your online portfolio, you have a wide variety images ranging from live action to staged group shots. Who are your favorite bands to shoot?
I try to attend all the metal and hardcore shows that I can. So far my favoirte photo shoots have been with Die young, Agamemnon, K.T.C.M., Some Nerve, Supremacytx, BLUNT, Mastema, Counterblast, Will to Live and many more.

The Houston independent music scene seems to be stronger than ever as far as quality bands. Over your years of being involved, what changes, for better or worse, have your witnessed?
For the better, I like the fact that more bands are coming back, and that everyone is helping each other out. The Houston music scene has become more vibrant. As far as for the worse, I can't really say.

As for your audio engineering, how long have you been doing that? Tell us more about your studio and what bands you have worked with.
I have been a professional audio engineer for 5 years. Graduated from Houston Community college audio program in 2012. My friend and business partner and I are co-owners of 360 recording studios. We're happy to record all genres of music, we specialize in Metal and hardcore. We're passionate about our work, and music is our way of life. We have work with a lot of local Houston bands and bands from other parts of Texas. Some bands we work with are Mastema, BLUNT, Supremacytx, Mirror the Humans, CALACAS, Aguila Black, Piss Poor and many more.
Thanks for your time. Are there any final comments you would like to add?
I love Houston and I hope the scene keeps growing. Thank you so much for the opportunity on this interview.

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